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8 easy steps and your new project is underway!!
Step 1 Contact information (Required)
Email address:
Contact name:
Contact phone number:
Organization Name:
Step 2 Product type (Required)
We need to know what type of product you wish to produce your design on. (You can select multiple product types to have your new design produced on.)
If throw select below.
If wall hanging select below.
If pillow select below.
If bell pull select below.
If tote bag select below.
If flag select below.
If backpack select below.
Step 3 Color choices (If Applicable)
Select the product type from step 2 first.
First choice displayed
Second choice displayed
Third choice displayed
Fourth choice displayed
Click the color chart button to view colors available then select your colors below.
Step 4 Upload pictures of your logo, buildings, or other art(If Applicable)
If you have pictures of your logo, buildings, or any other image you want on your new design upload it here.
------If you have more than 4 files you will need to submit this form multiple times.------
To submit multiple times, use your browser back button when transferred to completion screen.

------Please only attach --.bmp -- .gif -- .jpg -- .tif -- .doc -- .ppt -- .pdf -- files------ Please call for instructions if you have other file formats
File #1:
File #2:
File #3:
File #4:
Step 5 Specify your layout (only select from one of the choices below) (Required)
Choice #1-- If you have your own layout or would like a special layout.
If you have your own layout that you would like to use and have it in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint format you can upload it in step 4. If you have your layout and would like to fax it to us please fax it to 1-864-847-4276. A generic hand sketched layout is OK. (Make sure all layouts are clear and dark before faxing.) If you would like for our designer to decide the layout of your new design please indicate below.
Choice #2-- If you would like to use one of our existing layouts.
You can select from one of Southern Charm's design layouts. If you have your own logo that you would like use instead of the existing layout's logo upload it to us in step 4 or fax it to us at 1-864-847-4276.
Select if you are faxing or uploading your layout to us.
Select if you wish for our designer to decide what layout looks best for your new project.
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Enter the text you desire
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Enter the text you desire
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Enter the text you desire
If you would like to use one of our mascots or clipart for your design.
If this is for a school or organization and you would like to use one of our mascots or clipart for your new design please select the mascot or clipart you wish to use. Even if you are using your own layout or one of our existing layouts you can choose whatever mascot or clipart you like. You are allowed to have 1 mascot and up to 16 cliparts.
Click to view
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Clipart that you have selected
Mascot that you have selected
Step 6 Choose your mascot and clipart (If Applicable)
Step 7 Any additional instructions that you would like to add (If Applicable)
Step 8 Submit form to Southern Charm for processing
Your information
is safe with us
Material Copyright © 2010 Southern Charm Custom Designs, LLC
COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER!! Organization or person(s) submitting this project are responsible for all copyright issues that are involved with any aspect of the submitted design. Southern Charm Custom Designs LLC will not be responsible for any legal issues resulting from material that is submitted that does not bare a copyright symbol.
IMPORTANT!! Please be patient while sending files, you will be transferred to a completion screen when mail has been sent. If you close out of this page before you are transferred the eform will not be submitted.
PHONE MODEM users!! If you are using a dial-up connection this process could take a while depending on the file size you are uploading.
This process may take a few minutes, ONLY click once please.